Bio-based chemicals : a 2020 update

Since the first issue of the IEA Bioenergy Task 42 report on bio-based chemicals in 2011, the importance of a circular economy has become evident. In the transition to a circular economy, chemicals and materials produced from biomass will play a key role. Given the tremendous focus on climate and actions to mitigate climate change, steps are being taken to move from today’s fossil-based economy to a more sustainable economy based on renewable energy, biomass and recycling. The transition to a bio-based circular economy has multiple drivers as well as requirements; The need to develop an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable circular global economy - The desire of many countries to reduce an over dependency on fossil fuel imports by diversifying their energy sources - The global issue of climate change and the need to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions - That processes and products are “Safe by Design” - That chemicals and materials are designed for cost-, material- and energy-efficient recycling - The “End of Life” solution of the products is equal to or preferably better than the incumbent products - And deployment of biorefineries in rural areas will stimulate regional and rural development...



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