Six new apple cultivars from Dresden-Pillnitz

Peil, Andreas GND; Hanke, Magda-Viola GND; Fischer, C.

In 2002, the application for Plant Breeder's Rights was submitted for six new apple cultivars, ‘Pivita’, ‘Pilana’, ‘Pikosa’, ‘Pisaxa’, ‘Rekarda’ and ‘Recolor’. The four Pi-cultivars are characterized by an excellent fruit flavour, especially in ‘Pisaxa’ and high yield. Ripening time varies from September - November (‘Pikosa’) to November - May (‘Pivita’). Average yield normally exceeds ‘Golden Delicious’. All Pi-cultivars have low susceptibility to powdery mildew, except ‘Pivita’, spider mites and aphids and are moderately susceptible to fire blight. Both new cultivars of the Re-collection are resistant to scab. ‘Rekarda’ carries the scab resistance gene Vf and ‘Recolor’ carries Vf and VA. ‘Rekarda’ is resistant to spider mites and bacterial canker whereas ‘Recolor’ shows low susceptibility to these pathogens. ‘Recolor’ is a selection from a cross of the two Re-cultivars ‘Regine’ x ‘Reglindis’. With these six new cultivars the choice for the apple grower was extended.


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Peil, Andreas / Hanke, Magda-Viola / Fischer, C.: Six new apple cultivars from Dresden-Pillnitz. 2005.


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