Europe-wide outbreaks of common voles in 2019

Jacob, Jens GND; Imholt, Christian GND; Caminero-Saldaña, Constantino; Couval, Geoffroy; Giraudoux, Patrick; Herrero-Cófreces, Silvia; Horváth, Győző; Luque-Larena, Juan José; Tkadlec, Emil; Wymenga, Eddy

Common voles (Microtus arvalis) are widespread in the European agricultural landscape from central Spain to central Russia. During population outbreaks, signifcant damage to a variety of crops is caused and the risk of pathogen transmission from voles to people increases. In 2019, increasing or unusually high common vole densities have been reported from several European countries. This is highly important in terms of food production and public health. Therefore, authorities, extension services and farmers need to be aware of the rapid and widespread increase in common voles and take appropriate measures as soon as possible. Management options include chemical and non-chemical methods. However, the latter are suitable only for small and valuable crops and it is recommended to increase eforts to predict common voles outbreaks and to develop and feld test new and optimized management tools.



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Jacob, Jens / Imholt, Christian / Caminero-Saldaña, Constantino / et al: Europe-wide outbreaks of common voles in 2019. 2020.


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