GEO2RNAseq: An easy-to-use R pipeline for complete pre-processing of RNA-seq data : [Preprint]

In transcriptomics, the study of the total set of RNAs transcribed by the cell, RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) has become the standard tool for analysing gene expression. The primary goal is the detection of genes whose expression changes significantly between two or more conditions, either for a single species or for two or more interacting species at the same time (dual RNA-seq, triple RNA-seq and so forth). The analysis of RNA-seq can be simplified as many steps of the data pre-processing can be standardised in a pipeline. In this publication we present the "GEO2RNAseq" pipeline for complete, quick and concurrent pre-processing of single, dual, and triple RNA-seq data. It covers all pre-processing steps starting from raw sequencing data to the analysis of differentially expressed genes, including various tables and figures to report intermediate and final results. Raw data may be provided in FASTQ format or can be downloaded automatically from the Gene Expression Omnibus repository. GEO2RNAseq strongly incorporates experimental as well as computational metadata. GEO2RNAseq is implemented in R, lightweight, easy to install via Conda and easy to use, but still very flexible through using modular programming and offering many extensions and alternative workflows. GEO2RNAseq is publicly available at and, including source code, installation instruction, and comprehensive package documentation.


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