A New Era for Mild Strain Cross-Protection

Pechinger, Katrin; Chooi, Kar Mun; MacDiarmid, Robin M ORCID; Harper, Scott J; Ziebell, Heiko GND

Societal and environmental pressures demand high-quality and resilient cropping plants and plant-based foods grown with the use of low or no synthetic chemical inputs. Mild strain cross-protection (MSCP), the pre-immunization of a plant using a mild strain of a virus to protect against subsequent infection by a severe strain of the virus, fits with future-proofing of production systems. New examples of MSCP use have occurred recently. New technologies are converging to support the discovery and mechanism(s) of action of MSCP strains thereby accelerating the popularity of their use.



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Pechinger, Katrin / Chooi, Kar / MacDiarmid, Robin / et al: A New Era for Mild Strain Cross-Protection. 2019.


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