Therapeutic strategies to target the Ebola virus life cycle : Review

Hoenen, Thomas ORCID; Groseth, Allison GND; Feldmann, Heinz ORCID

Following the Ebola virus disease epidemic in west Africa, there has been increased awareness of the need for improved therapies for emerging diseases, including viral haemorrhagic fevers such as those caused by Ebola virus and other filoviruses. Our continually improving understanding of the virus life cycle coupled with the increased availability of ‘omics’ analyses and high-throughput screening technologies has enhanced our ability to identify potential viral and host factors and aspects involved in the infection process that might be intervention targets. In this Review we address compounds that have shown promise to various degrees in interfering with the filovirus life cycle, including monoclonal antibodies such as ZMapp, mAb114 and REGN-EB3 and inhibitors of viral RNA synthesis such as remdesivir and TKM-Ebola. Furthermore, we discuss the general potential of targeting aspects of the virus life cycle such as the entry process, viral RNA synthesis and gene expression, as well as morphogenesis and budding.



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