Partial Loss of Inheritable Type I Resistance of Codling Moth to Cydia pomonella qranulovirus

Fan, Jiangbin GND; Wennmann, Jörg T. GND; Jehle, Johannes A. GND

Current knowledge of the field resistance of codling moth (CM, Cydia pomonella, L) against Cydia pomonella granulovirus (CpGV) is based mainly on the interaction between the Mexican isolate CpGV-M and CpRR1, a genetically homogeneous CM inbreed line carrying type I resistance. The resistance level of laboratory-reared CpRR1 to CpGV-M was recently found to have decreased considerably, compared to the initially high resistance. To understand the background of this phenomenon, CpRR1 larvae were exposed over several generations to CpGV-M for re-selection of the original resistance level. After five and seven generations of selection, new CpRR1_F5 and CpRR1_F7 lines were established. The resistance ratio of these selected lines was determined by full range bioassays. The CpRR1_F5 strain regained a higher level of resistance against CpGV up to 104-fold based on LC50 values compared to susceptible larvae (CpS), which indicated that the absence of virus selection had resulted in a reduction of resistance under laboratory rearing conditions. In addition, some fitness costs of fecundity were observed in CpRR1_F5. Single-pair crossings between CpRR1_F5 or CpRR1_F7 with susceptible CpS moths revealed a dominant but not fully sex-linked inheritance, which suggests a partial loss of previous resistance traits in CpRR1.



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Fan, Jiangbin / Wennmann, Jörg / Jehle, Johannes: Partial Loss of Inheritable Type I Resistance of Codling Moth to Cydia pomonella qranulovirus. 2019.


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