Workshop on Population of the RDBES Data Model (WKRDB-POP)

Adamowicz, Maciej; Clarke, Liz GND; Dubroca, Laurent; Elson, Jon; Fernandes, Ana Claudia; Gazi, Karolina Molla; Hakansson, Kirsten Birch; Jakovleva, Irina; Lankov, Ain GND; Leijzer, Twan; Lino, Pedro; Nimmegeers, Sofie; Petterson, Christina GND; Pönni, Jukka; Prista, Nuno; Reis, Dalia CC.; Ribeiro Santos, Ana; Rodrigues, Jose; Stötera, Sven GND; Wischnewski, Julia GND; et al.

The aims of this workshop were to explain the new RDBES data model, assist in populating it with real data, and identify any issues or problems. The data model was explained using a combination of presentations and hands-on sessions. A set of evaluation discussions was held in plenary. During the hands-on sessions, participants worked on mapping their own data to the RDBES data model with guidance from the “RDBES Core Group” members (the group of people developing the RDBES data model). Participants were encouraged to complete the hands-on sessions in the order presented in the agenda and were able to progress at their own pace. Although issues have been identified and are documented in this report it is not thought that any of them are serious impediments to moving forward with the RDBES data model. The RDBES Core Group will look at the results of this workshop and either respond to individual questions or adapt the data model and documentation as required. The workshop chairs will keep in contact with the participants to keep them up-to-date with any data model changes and answer questions. This workshop (WKRDB-POP) and the WKRDB-EST workshop to be held later in 2019 should be considered as two halves of the same process so the chairs will also encourage the participants to carry on working on their data transformation rou-tines so that they can attend WKRDB-EST.



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Adamowicz, Maciej / Clarke, Liz / Dubroca, Laurent / et al: Workshop on Population of the RDBES Data Model (WKRDB-POP). Copenhagen 2019. ICES.


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