Einsatz von Saatwickenkörnern (Vicia sativa L.) in der Monogastrierfütterung: Masthühner

Höhne, Anja GND; Bussemas, Ralf GND; Baldinger, Lisa GND

A regional and sustainable supply of protein-rich feeds for monogastric farm animals is both a high priority and a challenge in organic agriculture. Common vetches (Vicia sativa L.) are flexible in terms of habitat requirements, and therefore an advantageous crop. Their seeds are very rich in protein and contain valuable nutrients, but also anti-nutritive factors, to which especially chicken and pigs are sensitive to. Therefore, we are currently conducting a comprehensive project examining germination and ensiling as treatments to reduce these negative effects. The experiment presented hereafter is part of the mentioned project and focuses on the acceptance of common vetch in different forms for broilers: a control diet based on commonly used components, and three diets including common vetch seeds, either untreated, germinated, or ensiled. Data documentation included feed consumption and the animals´ growth.



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Höhne, Anja / Bussemas, Ralf / Baldinger, Lisa: Einsatz von Saatwickenkörnern (Vicia sativa L.) in der Monogastrierfütterung: Masthühner. 2019.


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