Pharmaceuticals from Microbes : Impact on Drug Discovery

Arora, Divya (edt.); Sharma, Chetan (edt.); Jaglan, Sundeep (edt.); Lichtfouse, Eric (edt.)

1. Pharmacological potential of marine microbes -- 2.Antiparasitics from microorganisms: current status and future prospects -- 3. Bioactive compounds from Nocardia: biosynthesis and production -- 4. Bioactive metabolites from microorganisms for healthcare: types and delivery routes -- 5. Siderophores: A novel approach to fight antimicrobial resistance -- 6. An update on bioactive natural products from endophytic fungi of medicinal plants -- 7. Microbes, their metabolites and effector molecules: a pharmacological perspective for host-microbiota interaction -- 8. Probiotics as a dietary intervention for reducing the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

This book deals with the noteworthy advancement in the production of bioactive metabolites from microbes and their pharmacological significance. It highlights the pharmacological potential of marine microbes and endophytic fungi and their bioactive secondary metabolites. Emphasis is also given on the significance of probiotics and their specialized molecules in human health and disease as well as their role in dietary intervention for reducing the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This work also serves as excellent reference material for researchers, students and academicians in the field of natural product chemistry, pharmacology and applied microbiology



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