Introduction to AquaSpace integrating tools

Stelzenmüller, Vanessa GND; Gimpel, Antje GND; Tett, Paul GND

This text is part of the introduction to a Masters-level course in `Planning and Managing the Use of Space for Aquaculture' made by the AquasSpace project. It introduces the principles behind tools for Marine Spatial Planning and site selection for aquaculture. Four tools are described. The META tool assembles data on growth conditions for cultivated species. The other three are spatial tools: WATER identifies locations (in Europe) where these species can best be grown; the Aqua Investor Index guides selection of a country for investment; and the AquaSpace Tool - considered at length - evaluates sites and scenarios.



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Stelzenmüller, Vanessa / Gimpel, Antje / Tett, Paul: Introduction to AquaSpace integrating tools. 2018.


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