Neglected Hosts of Small Ruminant Morbillivirus

Schulz, Claudia GND; Fast, Christine GND; Schlottau, Kore GND; Hoffmann, Bernd GND; Beer, Martin GND

Eradication of small ruminant morbillivirus (PPRV) is targeted for 2030. PPRV lineage IV is found in much of Asia and Africa. We used PPRV lineage IV strain Kurdistan/2011 in transmission trials to investigate the role of pigs, wild boar, and small ruminants as PPRV reservoirs. Suids were a possible source of infection.



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Schulz, Claudia / Fast, Christine / Schlottau, Kore / et al: Neglected Hosts of Small Ruminant Morbillivirus. 2018.


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