Phenotypic trait variation measured on European genetic trials of Fagus sylvatica L.

Robson, Thomas Matthew; Benito-Garzon, Marta; Alía Miranda, Ricardo GND; Barba Egido, Diana; Bogdan, Sasa; Borovics, Attila; Bozic, Gregor GND; Brendel, Oliver; Clark, Jo GND; de Vries, Sven M.; Delehan, Ivan I.; Ducousso, Alexis; Fady, Bruno; Fennessy, John; Forstreuter, Manfred GND; Frydl, Josef; Geburek, Thomas; Gömöry, Dusan; Hauke-Kowalska, Maria; Liesebach, Mirko GND; et al.

Here, we present a consolidated set of phenotypic data from genetic trials of Fagus sylvatica across Europe compiled by the COST Action E52 (2006–2010). There have been several efforts to make use of phenotypic data from forestry trials of various species at the European level e.g. to compile metadata and to produce standardised protocols ( and accesses/treebreedex.html). However, raw data is seldom published, and initiatives to compile old genetic trials tend only to be promoted at the national level; e.g. GENFORED in Spain ( and PLANTACOMP in France5. The BeechCOSTe52 dataset (Data Citation 1) provides a high density map of phenotypic data from 38 genetic trials across Europe, even including trials established outside the range of the species. The wide coverage provided by this dataset makes it a singular resource that can help us to understand the entire gradient of climatic tolerance of European beech (Fig. 1). Likewise, the origin of the 217 provenances planted covers the entire range of the species distribution, which is important for understanding the overall adaptive capacity and the tolerance limits of the species (Fig. 1)...



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Robson, Thomas / Benito-Garzon, Marta / Alía Miranda, Ricardo / et al: Phenotypic trait variation measured on European genetic trials of Fagus sylvatica L.. 2018.


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