Soil compaction: an issue for German grassland farmers?

Fick, Johanna GND; Gnutzmann, N.

In areas with increasing farm sizes, soil compaction is a relevant issue due to the increasing size and weigth of agricultural machines. How do farmers perceive soil and soil compaction and how relevant do they view the need to prevent soil compaction? In this paper, we approach these research questions by looking at thius topic with a specific focus on grassland. In comparison to other cropping systems, we question if there are differences in how grassland farmers estimate soil compaction and stay informed (e.g. extension service, information channels, etc.). The aim is to improve the knowledge transfer on soil compaction/technical soil protection. For our analysis, we combine a media analysis and an online survey. We found no difference between farmers with and without grassland in the perception of soil compaction but differences in extension services and information sources used.



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Fick, Johanna / Gnutzmann, N.: Soil compaction: an issue for German grassland farmers?. 2018.


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