Agriculture, Food, and Food Security: Some Contemporary Global Issues

Beckford, Clinton Lloyd (Hrsg.)

Agriculture, Food and Food Security: Some Global Perspectives is an edited collection of scholarly work. The book looks at agriculture and food in a framework of enhancing food security. The seven chapters that comprise the volume are written by successful international scholars with sterling academic publication records. The authors live and work in countries across the world including Jamaica, Germany, Canada, and the United States. Together, they have conducted numerous research projects and published a high volume of scholarly articles on issues related to the central themes of this book: agriculture, food and food security. The chapters in the book provide insights into several key themes centered on food, agriculture, and food and nutrition security. The volume explores some pressing issues including food desserts, micro-nutrient deficiencies, increasing food production by tapping into the potential of already known species, localizing food production, maximizing the food and nutrition potential of tropical fruits, and agricultural vulnerability in the context of the most pressing global threats: climate change and variability. (Nova)




Agriculture, Food, and Food Security: Some Contemporary Global Issues. 2018. Nova Science Publishers.


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