A New Era of Virus Bioinformatics

Ibrahim, Bashar; McMahon, Dino P.; Hufsky, Franziska; Beer, Martin GND; Deng, Li; Le Mercier, Philippe; Palmarini, Massimo; Thiel, Volker; Marz, Manja

Despite the recognized excellence of virology and bioinformatics, these two communities have interacted surprisingly sporadically, aside from some pioneering work on HIV-1 and influenza. Bringing together the expertise of bioinformaticians and virologists is crucial, since very specific but fundamental computational approaches are required for virus research, particularly in an era of big data. Collaboration between virologists and bioinformaticians is necessary to improve existing analytical tools, cloud-based systems, computational resources, data sharing approaches, new diagnostic tools, and bioinformatic training. Here, we highlight current progress and discuss potential avenues for future developments in this promising era of virus bioinformatics. We end by presenting an overview of current technologies, and by outlining some of the major challenges and advantages that bioinformatics will bring to the field of virology.



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Ibrahim, Bashar / McMahon, Dino / Hufsky, Franziska / et al: A New Era of Virus Bioinformatics. 2018.


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