Lactation-related changes in tissue expression of PEDF in dairy cows

Sadri, H.; Saremi, B.; Dänicke, Sven GND; Rehage, J.; Mielenz, M.; Hosseini, A.; Sauerwein, H.

Pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF) is evolving as metabolic regulatory protein. Albeit mostly considered in only pathological conditions related to excess energy intake resulting in obesity and insulin resistance, PEDF is likely to be involved in other physiological processes such as the homeorhetic adaptation of metabolism to lactation. We aimed to characterize the expression of PEDF and its association to the concomitant mobilization of body reserves during lactation in non-obese subjects. This mobilization is particularly distinct in dairy cows, and we therefore assessed the mRNA expression of PEDF and its putative receptors in different tissues in two trials with dairy cows fed with or without conjugated linoleic acids (CLA). CLA depress milk fat synthesis and may thus reduce the drain of energy via milk. In pluriparous cows, the serum PEDF concentrations and the mRNA abundance in subcutaneous adipose tissue (scAT), as well as the hepatic and scAT mRNA abundance of the putative receptors, adipose triglyceride lipase and laminin receptor 1, changed over time of sampling (day -21 until day 252 relative to calving). CLA treatment was associated with reduced PEDF concentrations in serum and lower PEDF mRNA abundance in scAT on day 21 postpartum. Comparing different tissues from primiparous cows, PEDF mRNA was highest in liver, followed by scAT, visceral AT and mammary gland, and lowest in muscle. Significant changes in PEDF expression with time of sampling were limited to AT in primiparous and pluriparous cows. Our data support a regulatory role for PEDF. The similarities between the time course of the serum concentrations of PEDF and its mRNA abundance in scAT may point to a regulatory role for AT rather than liver for PEDF in dairy cows.




Sadri, H. / Saremi, B. / Dänicke, Sven / et al: Lactation-related changes in tissue expression of PEDF in dairy cows. 2018.


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