Aspen hybridization: Parents’ compatibility and seedlings’ growth

Tsarev, Anatoly; Tsareva, Raisa; Fladung, Matthias GND; Wühlisch, Georg von

First results of new trembling aspen (Populus tremula L.) special factorial crosses are presented. At first, productive parent trees were selected: five maternal and five paternal trees without symptoms of heart rot and one tree with fruiting bodies of this fungal attack. The results of phenotypic and genotypic analyses of parent trees, their compatibility, and growth performance are presented. The analysis of the hybrid seedlings’ survival and their growth performance on open ground are shown. Estimates of general and specific combining abilities of the parent trees were carried out and potentially best hybrid families and seedlings were selected.



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Tsarev, Anatoly / Tsareva, Raisa / Fladung, Matthias / et al: Aspen hybridization: Parents’ compatibility and seedlings’ growth. 2018.


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