Application of liposomes in sex sorting and cryopreservation of bovine semen

Schmitz, Hendrik GND; Jansen, Simon GND; Sieg, Birgit GND; Baulain, Ulrich GND; Knorr, C.; Rath, Detlef GND

Standardized phospholipid liposomes are promising candidates to replace egg yolk in semen extenders. In this study liposomes were used in catch fluid (2% liposomes) during sex sorting and during cryopreservation (20% liposomes) of sorted and unsorted sperm. In a thermos‐tolerance test, compared to controls containing egg yolk, sperm quality was not diminished at 0 h and 6 h, respectively (i.e. motility: 91.6%, 86.0%; membrane integrity: 82.6%, 82.4%; morphology: 94.3%, 92.9%). Cryopreservation in extenders Sexcess® and Optixcell® containing liposomes was conducted with unsorted sperm and with spermatozoa that were sorted into the liposomes containing catch fluid. All samples were evaluated in a 6 h lasting thermo‐tolerance‐test (n = 14). Sexcess® supplemented with egg yolk resulted in a higher post‐thaw motility (56.6%, 43.8%, 37.4%), membrane integrity (52.0%, 49.1%, 50.1%) and morphology (87.1%, 78.7%, 69.3%) at 0 h, 3 h and 6 h respectively of sorted sperm cells compared to the supplementation with 20% liposomes (motility: 45.0%, 26.7%, 17.2%; membrane integrity: 30.0%, 21.2%, 28.9%; morphology: 75.3%, 68.1%, 61.4%) or Optixcell® (motility: 56.4%, 34.1%, 27.0%; membrane integrity: 33.6%, 23.6%, 25.7%; morphology: 75.3%, 67.0%, 60.1%). In case of unsorted semen, even at 6 h motility (57.9%, 44.2%, 50.2%), membrane integrity (64.9%, 38.9%, 47.2%), and morphology (85.5%, 83.1%, 83.2%) of the mentioned diluents had been on a higher quality level. In conclusion, with the chosen setup, liposomes may serve as egg yolk replacement in catch fluid during sorting but not as supplement in Sexcess® freezing extender.


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Schmitz, Hendrik / Jansen, Simon / Sieg, Birgit / et al: Application of liposomes in sex sorting and cryopreservation of bovine semen. 2018.


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