Aqua- and mariculture management - a holistic perspective on best practices

Taylor, Marc Hollis GND; Kluger, Lotta C.

This chapter presents an overview of some of the main issues facing the development of aqua- and mariculture, and provides a framework for improving sustainability from socio-economic and ecological perspectives. We review present global trends in productivity and the institutional and legal frameworks that may affect policy and trade in the coming years. Focus is placed on summarizing recent trends in socio-ecological approaches, such as the "Ecosystem Approach to Aquaculture", which emphasizes development within the constraints of ecosystem functioning and social well-being. A framework of best practices for long-term sustainability is proposed, which is comprised of steps involving risk assessment, monitoring, and adaptive management. From this holistic perspective, we discuss the future prospects for aquaculture development in terms of its promise of improved food security, nutrition and income.



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Taylor, Marc / Kluger, Lotta: Aqua- and mariculture management - a holistic perspective on best practices. 2018.


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