Tätowierungen - Gesundheitliche Risiken des permanenten Hautschmucks

Schreiver, Ines; Luch, Andreas

As manifold and multicolored we encounter tattoos nowadays is the diversity of possible side effects accompanying this kind of body modification. They span a range starting from infections, allergies, photosensitivities and granulomas up to the long-term exposure against potentially toxic compounds. The contribution of tattoos towards the generation of cancer is highly debated among experts and object of current research. Since 2009, safety regulations concerning tattoo ingredients have been implemented in Germany. However, the lack of data according to crucial toxicity endpoints is mirrored by an as yet unsatisfying regulation. Tattoos therefore still entail a permanent risk despite their increasing popularity.


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Schreiver, Ines / Luch, Andreas: Tätowierungen - Gesundheitliche Risiken des permanenten Hautschmucks. 2018.


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