Sustainable Agriculture towards Food Security

Part I. Agriculture and Food Security -- 1. Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture -- 2. Nutritive Value, Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development - An Integrated Approach -- Part II. Conventional Farming -- 3. Insights of Novel Breeding Strategies in Sustainable Crop Production -- 4. Insect Pests and Crop Productivity -- 5. ABA Mediated Drought Stress Resistance in Crops for Sustainable Agriculture -- 6. Sustainable Power Production from Plant-Mediated Microbial Fuel Cells -- Part III. Organic Farming -- 7. Role of Organic Amendments in Sustainable Agriculture -- 8. Plant Growth Promoting Microbes - A Boon for Sustainable Agriculture -- 9. Seaweed: a Fertilizer for Sustainable Agriculture -- Part IV. Alternative Food Sources -- 10. Algae for Sustainable Food Security - A Nutrient Rich Food Source -- 11. Sustainable Food Security - Edible and Medicinal Mushroom -- 12. Contributions to a Sustainable Production of Food of Animal Origin -- Part V. Biotechnology -- 13. Role of Plant Tissue Culture for Improving the Food Security in India - A Review Update -- 14. Phytochemical Screening of Transgenic and Non-Transgenic Leguminous Plants -- 15. Somatic Embryogenesis from Immature Anther Explants: Towards Development of an Efficient Protocol Production of Grapevine -- Part VI. Soil Health -- 16. Soil Security - A Key Role for Sustainable Food Productivity -- 17. Amelioration of Environmental Stress for Sustainable Crop Productivity -- 18. Strategies of Bioremediation of Heavy Metal Pollutants Towards Sustainable Agriculture -- 19. Xenobiotic Mediated Toxicity in Modern Agricultural Practices -- 20. Solid State Fermentation Utilizing Agro-Industrial Waste for Microbial Pigment Production



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