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Scientific Opinion on safety and efficacy of sodium benzoate, propionic acid and sodium propionate for pigs, poultry, bovines, sheep, goats, rabbits, horses

The product is a mixture of sodium benzoate (140 g/kg), propionic acid (370 g/kg) and sodium propionate (110 g/kg). This product is authorised for the preservation of cereals with a humidity content ≥ 15 %, at an inclusion rate of 3000 - 22000 mg/kg cereal, for use in pigs and dairy cows and cattle for fattening. The applicant is now asking for the re-evaluation of the safety and efficacy of the additive for use in pigs, dairy cows and cattle for fattening, for an extension of use of this product as preservative of complete feedingstuffs at a maximum content of 10000 mg/kg and for the use of treated feed (cereals and complete feedingstuffs) in the nutrition of poultry, bovines, sheep, goats, rabbits and horses. Safety for pigs, cattle for fattening and dairy cows has already been established by SCAN and FEEDAP at a level of 22 g/kg complete feed. The FEEDAP Panel concludes that the highest dose applied for complete feed (10 g/kg) is safe for chickens and turkeys for fattening and laying hens and consequently for all poultry species, with a small margin of safety that cannot be established. This conclusion is extended to other ruminants, rabbits and horses. The additive is safe for the consumer and environment and for the user, provided that the precautions indicated in the MSDS are followed. The additive is effective in the preservation of high moisture cereals at a minimum application rate of 13 g/kg. The FEEDAP Panel has reservations about the effectiveness of the product in complete feedingstuffs with a typical moisture content of ≤ 12 %. However, in practical storing conditions the moisture content of the feed may rise above this level. Under these circumstances, the additive would be effective in preventing deterioration at concentrations between 5 and 10 g/kg complete feed.



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