Germany's LULUCF inventory 2017

Henders, Sabine; Stümer, Wolfgang GND; Gensior, Andreas GND; Laggner, Andreas GND; Dunger, Karsten GND; Rüter, Sebastian GND

The German emissions inventory for land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF) covers the release and uptake of greenhouse gases in different land use categories, as well as carbon sequestration in harvested wood products. The land sector in Germany has been acting as an overall greenhouse gas sink since the first inventory in 1990, meaning that the uptake of carbon exceeds the emissions to the atmosphere. Here we present the results of the LULUCF inventory 2017 (data for 2015). In 2015, the net sink function amounted to approx. 14.6 million tons CO2-equivalents, mainly due to carbon sequestered in forest biomass and in wood products. This carbon uptake reduces Germany’s total emissions by 1.6 %.



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Henders, Sabine / Stümer, Wolfgang / Gensior, Andreas / et al: Germany's LULUCF inventory 2017. Braunschweig 2017. Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut.


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