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Scientific Opinion on the safety and efficacy of L-methionine produced by Escherichia coli (KCCM 11252P) and Escherichia coli (KCCM 11340P) for all animal species

L-Methionine, feed grade, is a feed additive produced by two genetically modified Escherichia coli strains. Neither the production strains nor their recombinant DNA were detected in the final product; thus, no safety concerns are associated with the genetic modification of the production strains. The L-methionine produced by such E. coli strains is safe for the target animals when used as a feed additive to meet their requirements. The FEEDAP Panel has concerns over the safety of L-methionine for the target species when administered via water for drinking since any additional supply of an essential amino acid would disturb the balanced amino acid profile of complete diets. There are no safety concerns for the consumer associated with the use of L-methionine in animal nutrition. The additive L-methionine was demonstrated to be without irritant or dermal sensitising properties. Although no data on dusting potential were provided, the FEEDAP Panel considers it unlikely that the user will be exposed to significant amounts of L-methionine by inhalation. L-Methionine is a natural constituent of plants and animals. Its use in animal nutrition does not represent a risk to the environment. The additive L-methionine is considered an efficacious source of the amino acid L-methionine for all animal species.



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