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Scientific Opinion on the efficacy of Biosprint® ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae) as a feed additive for cattle for fattening

In a previous opinion on Biosprint, the FEEDAP Panel could not conclude on the efficacy of this additive when used in feed for cattle for fattening because of insufficient evidence. The European Commission has requested the European Food Safety Authority to re-evaluate the efficacy of the additive Biosprint® when used as a zootechnical additive (functional group: gut flora stabilisers) in diets for cattle for fattening at a minimum dose of 4.0 × 109 and a maximum dose of 9.0 × 109 CFU/kg complete feedingstuffs. In the present application, the results of two new efficacy studies performed in cattle for fattening were presented. Both showed significant improvements in final body weight, average daily gain and feed to gain ratio in Biosprint®-treated animals. Taking into account the positive result from the initial application, the FEEDAP Panel concludes that Biosprint® has the potential to be efficacious in cattle for fattening at the dose of 3.6 × 1010 CFU/head per day approximately equating to 4 × 109 CFU/kg feedingstuffs.



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