Best practices in monitoring

Beldowski, Jacek; Jakacki, Jaromir; Grabowski, Marcin; Lang, Thomas GND; Weber, Karola; Kotwicki, Lech; Paka, Vadim; Rak, Daniel; Golenko, M.; Czub, Michał; Söderström, Martin

This chapter summarizes the methods used within the MODUM project for monitoring chemical munition dumpsites. It includes general introduction to monitoring process, listing the requirements that are a basis for the establishment of full scale monitoring programme. It describes survey procedures, for locating dumped munitions, Sampling and analytical procedures for the detection of Chemical Warfare Agents, as well as the usage of fish as bioindicators are described. Modelling of pollutants originating from dumped munitions is presented and discussed. Only methods, which were proven to be most effective within the MODUM projects were selected, also data interpretation methods providing coherent information regarding the environmental risk are explained in details.


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Beldowski, Jacek / Jakacki, Jaromir / Grabowski, Marcin / et al: Best practices in monitoring. 2017.


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