Research to combat bird flu - Successful kick-off of DELTA-FLU project : FLI Press Release 15/2017

Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut GND (Hrsg.)

Insel Riems, 29 August 2017. “Dynamics of avian influenza in a changing world”-shortly named DELTA-FLU- aims at elucidating the mechanisms of bird flu. An international consortium of 10 highly renowned research institutions from all over the world will now bundle expertise in different research fields to promote strategies for the prevention and control of this disease. The project which started on June 1st will be funded by the European Union for 5 years; the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut (FLI) will act as coordinator. Today and tomorrow the involved project partners from Venice, Rotterdam, Ghent, Edinburgh, Sweden and even Hong Kong meet at the FLI on the Isle of Riems. This kick-off meeting is a first get together of the project partners and provides an opportunity for scientific exchange.




Research to combat bird flu - Successful kick-off of DELTA-FLU project. FLI Press Release 15/2017. 2017.


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