Takeback systems for mobile phones: review and recommendations

Beigl, Peter; Schneider, Felicitas; Salhofer, Stefan GND

As a result of the large quantity of both valuable materials and hazardous substances, end-of-life mobile phones attract interest for improved recycling and reuse. Therefore, numerous takeback schemes have been set up in recent years. The aim of this paper is to evaluate and compare the different collection schemes in terms of motivation for the setting up of the scheme, the organisation and operation, the funding and the collection performance. The four schemes analysed includeregular collection systems for waste electrical and electronic equipment, branch systems and commercial as well as charitable refurbishing schemes. Comparing the schemes in terms of the collection rate, the results suggest that easy accessibility and broad information for users are the most relevant factors of success. Finally, attention is paid to the orientation of the schemes on recycling or reuse and the related environmental impacts.



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Beigl, Peter / Schneider, Felicitas / Salhofer, Stefan: Takeback systems for mobile phones: review and recommendations. 2011.


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