Luciferase-Expressing Ebolaviruses as Tools for Screening of Antivirals

Hoenen, Thomas GND

Ebolaviruses cause severe hemorrhagic fever with high case fatality rates. Despite recent progress, there is a continued need for the development of antivirals against these viruses. Reporter-expressing ebolaviruses, which can be generated using reverse genetics systems, are powerful tools for antiviral screening. While viruses expressing fluorescent reporters are amenable for this purpose and can be used for high-content imaging-type screens, as an alternative, luciferase-expressing reporter viruses have recently been developed and have the advantages of being extremely easy to use and having short assay times. Here we provide a detailed protocol for the use of such a luciferase-expressing reporter virus for antiviral screening in a 96-well format, with parallel assessment of cytotoxicity of the screened compounds.



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Hoenen, Thomas: Luciferase-Expressing Ebolaviruses as Tools for Screening of Antivirals. 2017.


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