Brucellosis in Pakistan and Egypt “Project in the frame of German Biosecurity Program”

El-Adawy, Hosny* GND; Melzer, Falk GND; Neubauer, Heinrich GND

A zoonosis is an infectious disease transmitted between animals to humans. Humans become infected by coming in contact with diseases animals or animal products. Brucellosis is a contagious zoonotic disease of livestock with significant economic impact and public health concern. Brucellosis is notifiable in many countries and listed in the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Terrestrial Animal Health Code. The current project is cooperative project between Friedrich Loeffler Institute, Jena, Germany and two countries Pakistan and Egypt. The project funded from The Federal Foreign Office in Germany. The Project focuses on brucellosis in livestock and humans in Pakistan and Egypt. The effort will be directed to the accurate diagnosis of brucellosis and will be directed to develop effective strategies to combat and control this disease in both, animals and humans. Pillars of our approach are training of veterinarians and human health professionals from Pakistan and Egypt in the implementation of prevalence studies, in typing of isolates to detect chains of infection and improvement of biosecurity and biosafety measures, in order to raise awareness. The samples will be collected according to statistical plan from different animal species in different districts in Pakistan and Egypt. The samples were firstly investigated serologically and by molecular tools in Pakistan and Egypt Laboratory and then transported to FLI Institute in Jena, Germany for further investigations. This bundle of the project activities will have positive effects through raising biosafety awareness of brucellosis, improving the income of small farmers in undeveloped rural areas and will improve the bio-security situation in the country. Further Profit of the project to draw an epidemiological plane in this country and make the optimum design to combating and control brucellosis in order to improve public health.




El-Adawy, Hosny* / Melzer, Falk / Neubauer, Heinrich: Brucellosis in Pakistan and Egypt “Project in the frame of German Biosecurity Program”. 2017.


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