Dataset from Probst C, Globig A, Knoll B, Conraths FJ, Depner K. 2017 Behaviour of free ranging wild boar towards their dead fellows: potential implications for the transmission of African swine fever. R. Soc. open sci. 4:170054.

This data set includes details of wild boar visits at the carcass sites based on the evaluation of pictures (Excel sheet 1 “Visits”; Excel sheet 2 “Visits summary”). It also includes pictures displaying the typical behavior of wild boar at the carcass sites. Overview: Supporting data Table 1 - Details pictures; ESM Figure 1 - Wild boar rooting at site 3; ESM Figure 2 - Wild boar are curious, but do not touch; ESM Figure 3 - Wild boar attracted by the soft ground; ESM Figure 4 - Wild boar chewing on bone; ESM Figure 5 - Wild boar rolling on soft ground on site 3; ESM Figure 6 - Ground underneath carcass 3 is stirred up; ESM Figure 7 - Wild boar feeding on wild ruminant; ESM Figure 8 - Skeletonization process of carcass 1;

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