Transient Transfection-based Fusion Assay for Viral Proteins

Vallbracht, Melina GND; Schröter, Christina GND; Klupp, Barbara GND; Mettenleiter, Thomas C. GND

Membrane fusion is vital for entry of enveloped viruses into host cells as well as for direct viral cell-to-cell spread. To understand the fusion mechanism in more detail, we use an infection free system whereby fusion can be induced by a minimal set of the alphaherpesvirus pseudorabies virus (PrV) glycoproteins gB, gH and gL. Here, we describe an optimized protocol of a transient transfection based fusion assay to quantify cell-cell fusion induced by the PrV glycoproteins.



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Vallbracht, Melina / Schröter, Christina / Klupp, Barbara / et al: Transient Transfection-based Fusion Assay for Viral Proteins. 2017.


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