Comparison of wood resource assessment in National Forest Inventories

Redmond, John J.; Gschwantner, Thomas; Riedel, Thomas; Alberdi, Iciar; Vidal, Claude; Bosela, Michal; Fischer, Christoph; Hernandez, Laura; Kucera, Milos; Kuliesis, Andrius; Tomter, Stein M.; Vestman, Martin; Lanz, Adrian GND

The collection of information on the approaches of wood resources assessment was essential to provide background details necessary to meet the objectives of COST Action Usewood. This chapter describes the processes that were used by COST Action Usewood to review the wood resource assessment methods used in NFI’s and gives an insight into the differences and similarities of definitions and methods applied by European NFIs. To address the specific objectives of COST Action Usewood, the activities of WG1 were organised into four sub-groups that would comprehensively describe the assessment of wood resources. The four sub-groups dealt with the topics of; Forest Available for Wood Supply , Stem Quality, Change Estimation and Other Wooded Land and Trees Outside Forest. The information provided through questionnaires and country reports provided the raw materials required to understand the differences between the definitions and components that make up the definitions that are applied nationally by the various NFIs. Results from the four sub-groups are presented outlining the diversity and similarities among the assessment of wood resources between countries.


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Redmond, John / Gschwantner, Thomas / Riedel, Thomas / et al: Comparison of wood resource assessment in National Forest Inventories. 2016.


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