Extended utilization of wood material - usage from native properties to wood modification

Rademacher, Peter; Nemeth, Robert; Fodor, Fanni; Rousek, Radim; Hornicek, Stanislav; Paril, Petr; Baar, Jan; Paschova, Zuzana; Kutnar, Andreja; Koch, Gerald GND

In frame of climate change and limited fossil raw material wood has many advantages due to its renewable and sustainable production and synergistic carbon fixation. In view of an increasing demand additional wood sources have to be opened up on the market. Compared to traditional log utilization further tree species and biomass sources from fast growing plantations, forest or agriculture harvest including residues like branches and crown materials as well as recovered wood can supply additional material and properties. Due to a different structure branches for example can deliver even higher strength properties, their usage should not be limited to energy production only; also the value added chain can be increased by the material use of these assortments. But also limited or deficient qualities of native wood grading often occur: insufficient qualities can be improved by wood modification technique, delivering better properties concerning their mechanical, dimensional or durable behaviour. In contrast to wood protection no biocides are used in case of wood modification, where not only the wood decay can be reduced or prevented by modification technique, but also cell wall composition or moisture related properties can be improved due to structural changes of the wood.




Rademacher, Peter / Nemeth, Robert / Fodor, Fanni / et al: Extended utilization of wood material - usage from native properties to wood modification. 2016.


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