Lack of antiviral effect of amantadine in Borna disease virus infection

Stitz, Lothar GND; Planz, Oliver GND; Bilzer, Thomas

The antiviral effect of amantadine (1-aminoadamantane) was tested in vitro as well as in vivo. Treatment of persistently Borna disease virus (BDV)-infected cell lines of different origin and for various length of time did not result in a general reduction of virus titer or clearance of virus from infected cells. In vivo, rats were treated with amantadine by daily oral application or by use of osmotic pumps, and in both cases treatment was started before infection. Neither route of application of the drug had any influence on the time of onset of disease, on antiviral antibody titers, on virus titer in the brain, on the severity of the inflammatory reaction in the brain, or on the severity of neurological symptoms. These experiments, although revealing negative results and obtained using a virus from a natural case of Borna disease grown after isolation in vitro for a long period of time, should caution from the general use of amantadine as a curative agent against BDV infection as has been implicated recently [Bode et al. (1997) Lancet 349:178-179]



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Stitz, Lothar / Planz, Oliver / Bilzer, Thomas: Lack of antiviral effect of amantadine in Borna disease virus infection. 1998.


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