Forestry in sustainability measures - From sector specific to national

Dieter, Matthias GND; Meier, Eva GND; Schweinle, Jörg GND

Sustainability has various economic, ecological and social meanings in divers sectors, situations and societies. We follow the question how sector specific sustainability measures - which can be found in certification schemes, national forest strategies and reports such as the State of Europe´s Forests (Forest Europe 2011) - correspond to national sustainability strategies and measures, which stand for public sustainability goals in general. The quantification of the sustainability of Germany’s forest sector with examples of ten sectoral and eight national sustainability indicators proofed, that the indicator sets share similar perceptions of sustainability. However, it is also shown, that due to different approaches in measuring and evaluating sustainability aspects, different judgements of the sectors sustainability can be concluded.



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Dieter, Matthias / Meier, Eva / Schweinle, Jörg: Forestry in sustainability measures - From sector specific to national. 2015.


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