Nanopore Sequencing as a Rapidly Deployable Ebola Outbreak Tool

Hoenen, Thomas GND; Groseth, Allison GND; Rosenke, K.; Fischer, R.J.; Hoenen, A.; Judson, S.D.; Martellaro, C.; Falzarano, D.; Marzi, A.; Squires, E.B.; Wollenberg, K.R.; de Wit, E.; Prescott, J.; Safronetz, D.; van Doremalen, N.; Bushmaker, T.; Feldmann, F.; McNally, K.; Bolay, F.K.; Fields, B.; Sealy, T.; Rayfield, M.; Nichol, S.T.; Zoon, K.C.; Massaquoi, M.; Munster, V.J.; Feldmann, H.

Rapid sequencing of RNA/DNA from pathogen samples obtained during disease outbreaks provides critical scientific and public health information. However, challenges exist for exporting samples to laboratories or establishing conventional sequencers in remote outbreak regions. We successfully used a novel, pocket-sized nanopore sequencer at a field diagnostic laboratory in Liberia during the current Ebola virus outbreak.



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Hoenen, Thomas / Groseth, Allison / Rosenke, K. / et al: Nanopore Sequencing as a Rapidly Deployable Ebola Outbreak Tool. 2015.


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