Orf virus encodes a functional dUTPase gene

Cottone, R.; Büttner, Mathias GND; McInnes, C.J.; Wood, A.R.; Rziha, Hanns-Joachim GND

The present study is the first report on the functional activity of a parapoxvirus-encoded dUTPase. The dUTPase gene of the attenuated orf virus (ORFV), strain D1701, was expressed as a bacterial thioredoxin fusion protein. In vitro assays showed that ORFV dUTPase was highly specific for dUTP as substrate. The enzyme was active over a broad pH range (pH 6.0-9.0), with maximal enzymatic activity at pH 7.0 in the presence of Mg2+ cations. Kinetic studies of the recombinant ORFV dUTPase revealed an apparent K-m of 4.0 muM, which is more similar to that of the mammalian or African swine fever virus enzyme than to the K-m of vaccinia virus dUTPase. Enzyme activity was also found with purified ORFV particles, indicating its virion association



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Cottone, R. / Büttner, Mathias / McInnes, C.J. / et al: Orf virus encodes a functional dUTPase gene. 2002.


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