Genetic relationship of Borna disease virus isolates

Planz, Oliver GND; Rziha, Hanns-Joachim GND; Stitz, Lothar GND

The infection of humans with Boma disease virus (BDV) is still a matter of debate. In a recent publication, we described a BDV (RW98) isolated from the blood of a psychiatric patient. The RNA of this virus differed more than 5% from that of the widely used strain He/80, which was supposed to represent our laboratory virus. Here, we show that the virus used in our laboratory was not He/80 and, furthermore, that RW98 has sequence identity to the laboratory strain. We also present data that BDV-specific nucleic acid detected in blood of the donor of the presumed RW98 isolate and one other patient differs from all known BDV-p24 sequences, arguing for the existence of BDV sequences in man



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Planz, Oliver / Rziha, Hanns-Joachim / Stitz, Lothar: Genetic relationship of Borna disease virus isolates. 2003.


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