Utjecaj hranidbe na klaonička svojstva hibridnih svinja

The research on pig growth characteristics was conducted on 68 barrows, 4-way-crosses with a Pietrain x Hampshire sire and Large White x German White Landrace dam. Pigs were divided into two equal groups according to the feeding regime: „ad libitum“ and „restrictive“. The „ad libitum“ group of pigs were fed diets with energy content of 13.8 MJ ME per kg and 17.5% of crude protein in growth phase and 13.8 MJ ME per kg and 15.0% of crude protein in the finishing phase, respectively. Pigs from the restrictive group were fed according to German feeding recommendation for barrows. The energy intake was restricted to 34.0 MJ ME per day. The results showed that feeding level had significant influence on all investigated carcass traits but regarding the meat quality traits this effect was less pronounced. Significant differences in meat quality were found only for electrical conductivity measured in musculus longissimus dorsi and ham 24 hours post mortem (EC24), degree of redness (CIE - a*), yellowness (CIE - b*) and the intramuscular fat content (IMF).


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