Classical swine fever virus marker vaccine strain CP7_E2alf: Shedding and dissemination studies in boars

Dräger, Carolin GND; Petrov, Anja GND; Beer, Martin GND; Teifke, Jens Peter GND; Blome, Sandra GND

Over the last decade, pestivirus chimaera CP7_E2alf has proven to be a most promising marker vaccine candidate against classical swine fever (CSF). To provide further background data for the risk assessment towards licensing and release, especially on presence of the vaccine chimaera in faeces, urine, and organs of the male reproductive tract, supplementary studies were carried out under controlled laboratory conditions. In detail, the shedding and dissemination pattern of Suvaxyn® CSF Marker (“CP7_E2alf”) was assessed in 12 adult boars after single intramuscular vaccination with a tenfold vaccine dose. Four and seven days post vaccination, six animals were subjected to necropsy and triplicate samples were obtained from reproductive and lymphatic organs as well as urine, faeces, blood, and several additional organs and matrices. The sampling days were chosen based on pre-existing data that indicated the highest probability of virus detection. Upon vaccination, neither local nor systemic adverse effects were observed in the experimental animals. It was confirmed that primary replication is restricted to the lymphatic tissues and especially the tonsil. While viral genome was detectable in several samples from lymphatic tissues at four and seven days post vaccination, infectious virus was only demonstrated at four days post vaccination in one tonsil sample and one parotid lymphnode. Sporadic detection at a very low level occurred in some replicates of liver, lung, bone marrow, and salivary gland samples. In contrast, viral genome was not detected in any sample from reproductive organs and accessory sex glands, in faeces, urine, or bile. The presented data on the dissemination of the vaccine virus CP7_E2alf in adult boars are supplementing existing safety and efficacy studies and indicate that the use of the vaccine is also safe in reproductive boars.



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Dräger, Carolin / Petrov, Anja / Beer, Martin / et al: Classical swine fever virus marker vaccine strain CP7_E2alf: Shedding and dissemination studies in boars. 2015.


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