Surveillance of Batai Virus in Bovines from Germany

Hofmann, M.; Wiethölter, Anke GND; Blaha, I.; Jöst, H.; Heinemann, P.; Lehmann, M.; Miller, T.; Cadar, D.; Yanase, T.; Kley, Nils GND; Eiden, Martin GND; Groschup, Martin H. GND; Schmidt-Chanasit, J.

To estimate the veterinary importance of Batai virus (BATV), we investigated the presence of BATV-specific antibodies and BATV RNA in 548 bovines from Southwest Germany and we demonstrated that 3 cattle sera contain BATV-neutralizing antibodies resulting in a seroprevalence of 0.55%. Thus, our results confirm local transmission and indicate cattle as potential hosts of BATV in Southwest Germany.



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Hofmann, M. / Wiethölter, Anke / Blaha, I. / et al: Surveillance of Batai Virus in Bovines from Germany. 2015.


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