Developing methods to evaluate salt stress tolerance in carrot cultivars

Rode, Andrea GND; Nothnagel, Thomas GND; Kampe, E.

Salinisation and drought are important problems for many horticultural crop species and activities towards the development of salt stress tolerant cultivars have been increased in the last two decades dramatically. Carrot is described as sensitive to salt stress by various authors; therefore, an enhanced drought and salt stress tolerance may lead to a sustained increase of the global carrot production, stabilisation of yield and quality. The aim of the study was the development of a laboratory test for evaluation and selection of carrots with salt stress tolerance. The paper describes results of the methodological pre-experiments subdivided in three parts i) salt stress influence on germination, ii) influence of different salt concentrations, and iii) influence of the application period. Results are discussed in context of practicability and expected meaningfulness in frame of a future evaluation project.



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Rode, Andrea / Nothnagel, Thomas / Kampe, E.: Developing methods to evaluate salt stress tolerance in carrot cultivars. 2012.


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