Complete sequence of a cryptic virus from hemp (Cannabis sativa)

Ziegler, Angelika GND; Matousek, Jaroslav; Steger, Gerhard; Schubert, Jörg GND

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) was found to be a useful propagation host for hop latent virus, a carlavirus. However, when virus preparations were analysed by electron microscopy, along with the expected filamentous particles, spherical particles with a diameter of around 34 nm were found. RNA from virus preparations was purified, and cDNA was prepared and cloned. Sequence information was used to search databases, and the greatest similarity was found with Primula malacoides virus 1, a putative new member of the genus Partitivirus. The full sequences of RNA 1 and RNA 2 of this new hemp cryptic virus were obtained.



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Ziegler, Angelika / Matousek, Jaroslav / Steger, Gerhard / et al: Complete sequence of a cryptic virus from hemp (Cannabis sativa). 2012.


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