Clinical significance of Escherichia albertii

Ooaka, T.; Seto,K.; Kawano,K.; Kobayashi,H.; Etoh,Y.; Ichihara,S.; Kaneko,A.; Isobe,J.; Yamaguchi,K.; Horikawa,K.; Gomes,T.A.; Linden,A.; Bardiau,M.; Mainil,J.G.; Beutin,L.; Ogura,Y.; Hayashi,T.

Discriminating Escherichia albertii from other Enterobacteriaceae is difficult. Systematic analyses showed that E. albertii represents a substantial portion of strains currently identified as eae-positive Escherichia coli and includes Shiga toxin 2f-producing strains. Because E. albertii possesses the eae gene, many strains might have been misidentified as enterohemorrhagic or enteropathogenic E. coli



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Ooaka, T. / Seto,K. / Kawano,K. / et al: Clinical significance of Escherichia albertii. 2012.


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