Leptospirosis in urban wild boars, Berlin, Germany

Jansen, A.; Luge, E.; Guerra, B.; Wittschen, P.; Gruber, A. D.; Loddenkemper, C.; Schneider, T.; Lierz, M.; Ehlert, D.; Appel, B.; Stark, K.; Nöckler, K.

We found antibodies to leptospires in 25 (18%) of 141 wild boars from Berlin (95% confidence interval 12-25). Seropositivity was associated with chronic interstitial nephritis (odds ratio 10.5; p=0.01), and leptospires were detected in kidney tissues. Wild boars represent a potential source for human leptospirosis in urban environments



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Jansen, A. / Luge, E. / Guerra, B. / et al: Leptospirosis in urban wild boars, Berlin, Germany. 2007.


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