Handbook of proteolytic enzymes

Rawlings, Neil D. (edt.); Salvesen, Guy (edt.)

The third edition of theHandbook of Proteolytic Enzymesis a comprehensive reference work for the enzymes that cleave proteins and peptides, written by acknowledged experts in the field and containing over 850 chapters. Each chapter is organized into sections describing the name and history, activity and specificity, structural chemistry, preparation, biological aspects, and distinguishing features for a specific peptidase. There are also introductory chapters on peptidase classification and mechanisms and a comprehensive index. For the first time, theHandbookis also available online via Elseviers ScienceDirect platform as well as a three-volume book. The online version has enhanced options, including online multimedia, cross-referencing capabilities, integrated online delivery and closer integration with the online MEROPS database of peptidases and their inhibitors. This reference work is a must-have for biochemists, biotechnologists, molecular biologists and students in these disciplines, and will be of great interest to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.



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