Use of sex-sorted and unsorted frozen/thawed sperm and in vitro fertilization events in bovine oocytes derived from ultrasound-guided aspiration

The objective was to investigate the effects of sex-sorting on early fertilization events in ovum pick up (OPU) derived oocytes fertilized in vitro with frozen-thawed sperm at different co-incubation lengths. Eighty-four OPU sessions were carried out in 18 cyclic, dry and non-stimulated Holstein Friesian and German black pied cows. Ovum pick up oocytes were matured in vitro for 24 hours and fertilized with frozen-thawed sex sorted or unsorted sperm from the same ejaculate. Fertilization was achieved by two experimental protocols: 1) short gamete co-incubation length: 4, 8 and 12 hours; and 2) long gamete co-incubation length: 18 and 24 hours. After in vitro fertilization, ova were fixed and stained to identify early fertilization events. Sperm penetration, monospermy, pronuclear formation and syngamy did not differ, whether sexed or unsexed sperm was used. Overall, the findings demonstrate similar fertilizing potential between sex-sorted and unsorted sperm.



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