Novel Orthobunyavirus in Cattle, Europe, 2011

Hoffmann, Bernd GND; Scheuch, Matthias GND; Höper, Dirk GND; Jungblut, R.; Holsteg, M.; Schirrmeier, Horst GND; Eschbaumer, Michael GND; Goller, Katja Verena GND; Wernike, Kerstin GND; Fischer, Melina GND; Breithaupt, Angele GND; Mettenleiter, Thomas C. GND; Beer, Martin GND

In 2011, an unidentified disease in cattle was reported in Germany and the Netherlands. Clinical signs included fever, decreased milk production, and diarrhea. Metagenomic analysis identified a novel orthobunyavirus, which subsequently was isolated from blood of affected animals. Surveillance was initiated to test malformed newborn animals in the affected region.

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Hoffmann, Bernd / Scheuch, Matthias / Höper, Dirk / et al: Novel Orthobunyavirus in Cattle, Europe, 2011. 2012.


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